Don’t let final exams and final projects pull you down.  Here are my tips for all you college and seminary students to survive and thrive during your finals week.

  1. Eat smart! You need high quality fuel, especially now.
  2. Recharge! Take a couple exercise breaks. Your brain could use the extra oxygen.
  3. Sleep! You need a fresh, fully charged mind and body. Sleep-deprived students aren’t as sharp as rested ones.
  4. Reconnect! Read your Bible and pray at least five minutes every day.  So important!
  5. Believe! Trust God. He is helping you. He has, is, and will continue to help you.
  6. Study! Then study, study, study some more! 📖 Preparation makes a positive difference.
  7. Appreciate! Always view your educational journey, including finals week, as a privilege not a burden.  Your attitude can either energize you or drain you.  Attitude is a choice.  And remember that there are people who would gladly trade places with you.  God is using every one of your educational experiences, especially the pressure, to shape you. Education, what a privilege! Enjoy!


Self-Assessment or Group Discussion

1. Yes or no?  Are you eating right? What healthy snacks can you have nearby?

2. Yes or no?  Are you wasting time talking, texting, surfing or being lazy that could be exercise time?  When can you take an exercise break this week?

3. Yes or no?  Are you getting enough sleep? What time should you wash up and call it a day?

4. Yes or no? Are you reading your Bible and praying every day?  When can you find five minutes to read the Bible and pray?

5. Yes or no?  Do you believe God has been helping up to this point? What is one thing you know God has done for you?

6. Yes or no?  Are you studying as you should? What hours each day should you study for each class?  (I encourage you to write down a study schedule.  Update it during the week, as needed.)

7. Yes or no?  Are you keeping a positive, thankful attitude about school? What do you need to stop thinking or saying to improve your attitude about the privilege of attending school?


Your thoughts?

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