by Kevin Thomas



“People aren’t quick to follow a worthy cause. They prefer to follow a worthy leader promoting a worthy cause.” -John Maxwell, leadership expert (paraphrased).

People won’t buy in to your leadership plans until you’ve earned their respect as a leader who cares and is worth following.

“People buy in to the leader, then the vision.”
(The Law of Buy-In, John C. Maxwell)

Three Kinds of Texts that Develop People into Leaders

Here are three ways to increase your value as a leader. Use what you have. Send a short text message to those you’re recruiting, training or already leading.

1) Care: Who can you touch by text today to show them you care? Ask how they’re doing or tell them you’re praying for them.

2) Character: Who can you motivate with the word of God today? Who can you help grow spiritually to shape their Christian character? Share a Bible verse. God’s word never goes out of style.

3) Compassionate Competence: Who can you influence today to serve God by serving others? Who can you encourage to show others their compassion through serving them? Invite them to serve on a team or thank them for already serving well. When asked to help, people participate.

Three Days to Make This a Weekly Habit

Here’s a suggested way to use your cell phone to become a more influential and effective leader.

Focus on…
1) Care on Monday or Tuesday.

2) Character on Wednesday.

3) Compassionate Competence on Thursday or Friday.

Or simply choose one of the above “C’s” each week or as needed. In other words, do what makes sense and what you can effectively manage. 

Develop your team and potential recruits into caring, compassionate and competent leaders with Christian character. Make sending short text messages your weekly leadership habit.

A text only takes a few seconds but can have an eternal impact. So, pick up your phone and tap a text!


1. Care: How can I show I care about the personal needs of others in a text message?

2. Character: How can I encourage others to grow in a short text message? Is a Bible verse, motivational saying, or word of encouragement or appreciation relevant today?

3. Compassionate Competence: How can I train or inform my team using a simple text? Could I share a web link to an informative article?

4. Timing & Frequency: When is the best time to text? What’s too early? Too late? How often is too often? Can I use a scheduled text? (Check you text messaging app for options.)

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