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Have you ever been stuck? I mean, stuck on a team where you didn’t know what to do? You wanted to serve, but like others on the team you were confused about your role. If everyone holds a different idea concerning what the team is supposed to be doing or they are unsure of their role on the team, it’s hard to generate commitment and desired results.

This situation can be so thoroughly frustrating that eventually (which means soon), everyone is frustrated. The team members are frustrated and unenthusiastic. The team leaders are frustrated and disappointed. And those you’re supposed to be serving end up frustrated and cheated.

There’s good news! This is a relatively easy fix. The simple process below will help you avoid this escapable trap.

This process is remarkably helpful when you’re starting a new team or new project, or when your team is stuck. It helps ensure that true teamwork happens. How? It helps clarify the actions your team needs to succeed. It also helps define and assign team roles to each team member.

This easy exercise makes every leader a better leader and every team a stronger team. The most amazing part is that this simple process puts everyone on the same page, producing clarity, unity and synergy. Once everyone is pulling in the same direction, progress and morale soar. When this happens, commitment and results are not far behind.

What should you do now? Do this exercise together as a team. A team can complete this process in one meeting or several. Please include input from the entire team. In other words, encourage discussion from every team member. This produces buy-in and better ideas.

What should you do after you’ve completed this exercise? To keep everyone on the same page and make timely adjustments, briefly review your answers at your next three to five team meetings. Then review it from time to time to remind and re-calibrate the team. Reviews keep everyone moving in the same direction.

You and your team will use six simple questions. I call them Team Acceleration Questions, because they help speed up team development and rocket your team toward quicker and better results. Read the questions in order and begin your discussion and acceleration process.

Discuss these questions with your team. Their input will be invaluable to increasing teamwork.

Team Acceleration Questions

  • #1) Goal – What’s our team trying to accomplish? How often, how many, or by when?
    • This question provides clarity, so that everyone is aiming for the same target.
    • A “how often” goal: Our goal is to have a big outreach every 60 to 90 days.
    • A “how many” goal: Our goal is to sign up 15 teenagers this month.
    • A “by when” goal: Our goal is to recruit two new kids’ teachers by April 30th.
  • #2) Loss – What’s at stake or who’s at risk, if our team fails?
    • This question answers why our goal is so important.
  • #3) Wins – What are the victories along the way? How will our team know when we are on the path to succeeding or when we are stuck or heading in the wrong direction?
    • Wins can be viewed as mini-goals, mile-markers, or steps that all lead to the BIG goal.
    • This question answers what measurements our team should monitor.
    • Example: To recruit two new kids’ teachers by April 30th we must: 1) Determine why this is vital? (See Loss.) 2) Write down the teachers’ responsibilities. 3) Promote the need to the most likely candidates on Sunday morning. 4) Follow-up every Monday evening with a phone call to those who expressed interest. 5) Etc.

  • #4) Celebrations (actions)– What behaviors will we celebrate via recognitions and/or rewards? What habits must your team practice to accumulate wins and achieve the goal?
    • Ask each team member, “What kind of recognitions and rewards work best for you?”
    • Celebrations, recognitions and rewards reinforce the healthy behaviors we need to succeed.

  • #5) Calendar (roles) – Who does what by when and how? (WDWBW&H?)
    • This question focuses on the assignment and teamwork. It shows how each ministry team member will do something to contribute to our team and our ministry goal.

  • #6) Evaluation What did we do well? What can we do better?
    • These questions help our team employ innovations to help our team improve our ministry.


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