Forgiveness Is a Banking Term

by Kevin Thomas

Forgiveness is a banking and accounting term, meaning to wipe away a debt or give relief from paying what is owed.

Years ago when I was a banker sometimes the bank would call a struggling business borrower and say something like, “You owe us $7,000 in principal and interest to be current on your loan. If you pay us $6,000 by next week, we’ll forgive the $1,000 in interest you owe us.”

When a bank forgives your debt, they essentially delete your debt from your records.

What wounds do you keep reviewing as if you’re a loan officer trying to collect a bad debt?

Whose records do you need to delete from your mind?

What debt against you do you need to wipe away, so that you can move on with your life in a more positive and joyful fashion?

Simply put, who do you need to forgive, so that you can drop what happened to you yesterday in order to be happy today?

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