by Kevin Thomas (ikevinthomas.com)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJYdBGeT8Zc *

God is able to do anything.  But often He looks at us and says, “You’re the strategy!”  In other words, some things in your life will never get done until you choose to get up and go do it.  On the human side, you’re the best strategy you have!

  • What or who is holding you back?
  • When will you stand up and say to yourself, “I am the strategy!”?

Ask someone you trust this question:  “What do you see that might be blocking me from pursuing my goals?”  Humble yourself and prepare to listen.  Don’t yield to the temptation to explain away what you hear.  Listen and learn!

* – video taken from a past sermon series

Visit http://www.get-Truth.org for more info on where Kevin serves.

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