by Kevin Thomas (

Help Button

Have you felt that all you needed was some help?  I have.  But often I look around and see nothing.  When someone says “help is on the way,” people, especially church people get excited.

But I say, look around!  Help is already here!  Therefore, it’s okay to blow up, boil over or break down, because you have supporters to help you do it in a way that promotes emotional health and spiritual growth.

I wish I could just press a button and help appeared.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Yet, here’s the truth that many overlook: God has already placed people in your life to help and listen to you when your life gets stressful and you need to talk. 

If you look, you’ll find godly people who’ll let you vent, rant, rage, cry or stress out.  They are there to let you unload your emotional baggage.  And they are there to help you grow as a result of your problems.  They believe in you and will help you move toward your next goal.

God has ALREADY placed help near you.  They are hidden among the people in your life.  They might not look like much right now, but God is known to take a little and turn it into much.

So, look for the ones who are always there and who offer their assistance.  Humble yourself and boldly go explain to them why you need them.

You might be pleasantly surprised with how much help God has already placed within your grasp.  Look around and ask.  Your help is already here!


  1. Who always seems to be there when you need them?
  2. Why do you need help?  (Notice, I didn’t say “what” but “why.”)
  3. Who are you going to explain why (the reasons) you need them?
  4. When are you going to approach them?

Your thoughts?

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